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I'm Gintare

About me

I'm a graphic designer with a huge hunger for projects and teamwork! While part-time working I also always find time to watch my favorite Episodes on Netflix, drinking coffee or tea and enjoying the winter breeze in beautiful Denmark.

Once I turned 18, I moved to sunny Greece, where I learned Greek, aestheticss and living my life to the fullest. Also, it is where I found out that I am not good at swimming! :) Living in Greece and not swimming all day inspired me to follow my dreams elsewhere. I started reading books about design and took courses online. Since studies online were kind of lonely, I applied to KEA School of Design & Technology in Copenhagen at an AP programme: Multimedia Design & Communication. Where I proudly stand my grounds today!
Read a short story of my life (kids version) here.

My studies

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

Theodore Roosevelt

If you study the biographies of successful people, you will find that it is not where they came from or started out that influenced their success but rather their habits and ways of thinking. Success has a lot to do with self-determination, believing in yourself and in your team. Building skills for the future is not always easy and pleasant but it is in fact the most important.While being a student and working part-time might be challenging at times, I do understand the importance of self motivation and being self driven. Therefore, I choose not to be limited by my location nor am I waiting for better times.

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