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Here you will find my portfolio with all the projects
from the first semester of MMD programme,
created by me
Gintare Gabriella Rozenaite!

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I am your usual tech-nerd who loves all aspects of multimedia design. From the sketching, designing, coding and problem-solving to the culture and people working in the field.

Most of all I am interested in coding. My code is clear, CSS is BEMed, currently learning JavaScript and SASS, in the future I would like to work with REACT in a SCRUM team. I have also used WordPress for personal projects, therefore, I am accustomed to it.

While my path is towards coding, I love helping on design as well. I like Illustrator because of its vector features and sketches importing capability using Illustrator Draw, but I also use Photoshop, InDesign and other Adobe programs daily.

As a lifelong learner, I am all-in for learning new technologies and trends. I am more than excited to work in a team with like-minded people.

The Timeline of
Multimedia Design Program
1st semester Projects

Skills I obtained during the first semester:

Interaction Development

Design and Visualization



Theme 01: Basic Web

Main focus areas:

Individual work:
I created my first responsive website about cubism, that had 4 pages and all of the pages had different grids.

Group work: The first theme, for me, was the most life changing! I learned that group work is super hard (Who knew?!). By doing all the possible mistakes I learned so much about internal communication and self organisation. I the group of creating a redesigned website for a hotel, I was responsible for:
Sketch prototype
XD prototype
Coding the website

responsive website image redesigned website image
01.04.01. Responsive website 01.05.03. Link to redesigned website 01.05.04. Presentation

Theme 03: Basic Content

Main focus areas:

The projects in Basic content were challenging. As much as I love watching movies, in this theme I learned how hard it actually is to create something interesting to watch. To bring in a positive note, I must say that I learned many great things about story telling and keeping the user in mind while designing in general.

At Story Telling Without Words each of the group members were working together on same tasks.

At the project for I Bike CPH my responsibilities included:
Sketch prototype for website
Coding website
Helping with Shooting video material
Idea behind the video
Helping with storyboard creation

responsive website image redesigned website image
03.01.01 Tell a story without words 03.02.02 Storyboard 03.02.03 Link to website with embedded video

Theme 02: Basic Animation

Main focus areas:

In this theme I did some of the most fun projects yet! Created cute animations (my darlings) about penguins falling in love, made a logo - "piranga code" and made it "dance", learned that javaScript is not Java, but still, something super fun!

For the Interactive animation we worked with everything together, but my main focus was:
Coding website

Project pool was a fun activity, we were in groups sharing all responsibilities together.

Johnny Blue was a super fun project within a huge team. We had most of fun developing the idea and sharing the responsibilities. Using SCRUM method really worked for us staying on track and in line!
I worked on:
Idea developing
Story developing
Animation design
Website design

responsive website image redesigned website image redesigned website image redesigned website image redesigned website image redesigned website image
02.01.02 Link to simple animation 02.03.02 Interactive Animation 03.02.03 Link to website with embedded video 02.03.03 ProjectPool day 1 02.03.04 ProjectPool day 2 02.04.02 Story board 02.05.01 Summary of expert test 02.05.02 Link to final interactive production 02.05.03 Screen cast documentation

Theme 04: Basic UX

Main focus areas:

Theme 4 was the most challenging regarding business part of the multimedia design.

The main project - Socially, was the most demanding of all but in my opinion, the most professional one.

In this project I participated in all of the aspects of it, but focused mostly on:
App sketch prototype
App XD prototype
UX and user testing
Design Documentation
Helped a lot on the website design
Helped a little on the website coding

responsive website image redesigned website image responsive website image redesigned website image
04.02.01: Business Model Canvas 04.03.01: Report 04.03.02: Design documentation 04.04.01: Link to the web prototype 04.04.02: Pitch presentation

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